Tournament order:

After you have submitted an application for participation, and your application has been accepted, you have become a participant in the tournament. The tournament takes place in several stages:

1. Registration is the period during which participants can submit applications, and the administration can approve or reject them.

2. In Progress (Ongoing) - this period comes immediately after registration closes. In this period the matches are set and the exact dates and times of each of the matches are already available. During this period, all matches are played, including the superfinal.

3. Summing up - this period of the tournament comes when the superfinal is played. The duration of the stage is 72 hours. It’s intended for the administration to make decisions on existing complaints.

4. Completed - this stage of the tournament begins when the 'Summing up' stage passes. At this stage, the prize fund is paid out to the winner(s). Please note: if the winner is banned at the time of the payout, his prize will be canceled!

More detail:

— Double Elimination tournament grid, best of 1.

— Only one round is played every day. You play one match per day - for Arena Season series tournaments, and in one-day cup series tournaments, all matches are played on the same day.

— The match takes place in Solo or Team format (depends on the tournament settings)

— Reserve: if you see yourself under the heading ‘Reserve', it means that you will not participate until some participant is removed (for exploiting, inappropriate behavior, etc.), then you can be appointed instead. The bet is returned to all reserve users if they were not involved in the tournament (if the user was transferred from the reserve to the participants, the bet isn’t returned to him).

If you are a participant, please read below how to participate in a tournament match:

On the personal account page - specify your Project Cars 2 nick (Don't forget to click the 'Save changes' button below). Your nickname on the site must match the in-game nickname!

On the tournament page, in the ‘In Progress (Ongoing)’ period, pay attention to the ‘Matches’ block - Find yourself in it and the date with the time - this will be the start time of the match. If there is no such block, most likely, the tournament is still at the stage of registration of applications, wait for the specified start date of the tournament;

3. Click on the line with your nickname (in the ‘Matches' block) to go to the lobby page. You must be on the lobby page 5 minutes before the start of the match. 

4. Launch the PC 2 client

5. Take any free slot of one of the sides and wait for the start time of the match 

6. After the start time of the match comes, the match will move to the ‘Match started’ stage and the form for sending the result and screenshot will be available to you - ‘Send the result and screenshot’. About it later. 

7. Since the game does not exchange data with the site in any way, the participants of the match need to create a game lobby in the game themselves, invite opponents, and then, when the match is played, select their result in the form of ‘Send result and screenshot’ and attach a screenshot(s) with the result of your game. Let's look at the process in more detail:

  1. Decide with your opponent, which of you will create a match in the game itself, and who will join the created match; 
    • If you are a matchmaker: create a custom match in the game, and after creating invite an opponent to the lobby of the game - the name of the lobby on the site matches to its name in the game;
    • If your opponent creates a match: wait for an invitation to a custom match in the game. Make sure that your nickname on the site matches the nickname in the game.
  2. After you have gathered in the game lobby, you can start the game. Play! The lobby on the site will wait for the result and screenshot(s) of the completed game screen from you for 30 minutes, after which, if none of the participants sends a screenshot with the result, the lobby will determine the winner randomly - the designated time is enough for you to get together in the game, play the match and attach screenshots. Let's look at other possible scenarios:
    1. If not all participants of the match send the result and screenshot, the lobby will wait for the remaining time (30 minutes allotted for the match) for the result and screenshot(s) from the remaining participants. And after that, when they upload it - lobby will set the result of the match according to the results indicated by the participants;
      • If the remaining participants don’t send their result with a screenshot, the lobby will assign the top places to those who sent the result with a screenshot; the bottom places to those who didn’t send the result and screenshot;
        • Please note, the administration will check all the matches - if you send an incorrect screenshot(s), penalties will be applied to you. If you continue to send incorrect screenshots, your account will be blocked forever!
    2. If two or more competitors indicate the same result, the lobby will ask them to indicate the result again (the form ‘Send result and screenshot’ will appear again, but only for those who have a duplicate of the results). Accordingly, if the opponents indicate different results in the newly appeared form, the lobby will set the result of the match according to the results indicated by the participants. If the opponents show the same results for the second time, the match will determine the result of the match independently - by assigning places in the match randomly.
      • If you don’t agree with the result (for example, the opponent has already lost and led the match into a random determination of the winners on purpose), send a report against opponent - the administration will review the tournament results;
  3. When the match is over, take a screenshot(s) of the screen of the completed game (please see here, a screenshot of which screen is needed). On the lobby page, select your result in the match, and attach the screenshot(s) and send it through the screenshot submission form:


1. The participant of the tournament, who didn’t show up for any match in the tournament, automatically receives a ban for a day. The terms of the bans are summed up - if you didn’t show up, for example, for 2 tournaments, you will get a ban for 2 days. An automatic ban for non-appearance in the tournament is issued at the time of the transition of the tournament to the ‘Completed’ stage;

2. Don't be late for tournament matches! Watch carefully on the tournament page - on what date and time your match takes place, take a slot on the match page at least 5 minutes before it starts;

3. The entire match must be recorded. Don't know how? Take a look here. The record is stored by you throughout the entire tournament + 5 days after its completion. Pay attention! You need to start recording from the moment when the lobby on the site changes the status from ‘Waiting for players’ / ‘Waiting for the start of the match’ to ‘The match is starting’ and until the moment when the lobby on the site receives the status ‘Match is over'. The entry should include not only the gameplay, but also the lobby on the site, where the entire lobby page and chat are necessarily visible!

4. If you have any suspicions of unfair play on the part of an opponent, use the opportunity to ‘Report player’ on the tournament page: 

Fill out the form and the administration will consider the complaint or contact you. Please note what should be contained in the complaint (otherwise your complaint may be rejected and restrictive measures applied to you)! The text of the complaint should contain: a brief composition of the violation, a link to your match record with timecodes and a description of what we should pay attention to. Insults in the complaint are unacceptable - this can also lead to restrictive measures!

5. If the participant left the match, start the timer at 4 minutes - if he didn’t return during this time, take a screenshot, upload it to a file sharing service (for example, Dropbox/Google Drive) and, using the complaint form, send it to us with a link to the match;

6. If your opponent does not appear within 10 minutes, starting from the time when the lobby on the site changed the status from ‘Waiting for players’ / ‘Waiting for the start of the match’ to ‘The match is starting’ - write to the lobby chat that you will report him if he continues to be absent. If the opponent has not reacted in any way within a couple of minutes and does not enter the game, report player for absence from the match. In this case, it’s allowed to attach a screenshot of the lobby (where you can see the time of the lobby match, your message in the chat) with your message about the complaint and assign yourself a victory in the form of choosing the result.

7. If you encounter any difficulties, use the feedback form:

8. The use of bugs and/or errors is strictly prohibited

9. Hate speech and discriminatory language is inappropriate, as is any obscene or disruptive language. Threatening or harassing another player is always unacceptable. Violating any of these expectations will result in account restrictions.

The opponent didn’t come to the match. What should I do?

First you need to figure out where your opponent didn't show up: in the online lobby itself or in the in-game lobby. 

If your opponent is absent in the online lobby, the tournament will automatically award you the victory when the match starts. Please note, due to technical reasons it may take up to 5 minutes to assign a win.

If your opponent shows up at the site lobby but does not enter the game lobby - two scenarios are possible: your opponent does not create a game lobby or your opponent does not join the lobby you have created. In the first case, you can create a lobby yourself. In the second case: if your opponent is absent for 10 minutes, starting from the time the lobby on the website has changed its status from 'Waiting for players' / 'Waiting for match to start' to ‘Match started’ - write to the lobby chat that you will report him if he continues to be absent. If within a couple of minutes your opponent hasn’t responded in any way and does not enter the game - file a complaint for absence from the match. In this case it's allowed to attach a screenshot of lobby (where you can see the time of the match lobby, your message in chat) with your message about the complaint and assign yourself the victory in the result selection form. If your complaint is correct and the administration confirms the absence of your opponent, the tournament will re-calculate the results.